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It's that time again

The "season of goodwill"

When shoppers become madmen

Who are only out to kill

Christmas songs belt out

Until you lose your mind

As you hunt around the stores

Looking for gifts you just can't find

Your family's grown threefold

Where they come from, you don't know

It's warmer than the Bahamas

So you've lost your bet on snow

If the big day comes

And the tree's not caught on fire

You'll play on gizmos all day long

Until the batteries expire

You'll eat a meal for forty

When there's only eight of you

Then argue over TV repeats

because there's nothing left to do

The Christmas spirit, it transpires

Is mulled wine by the tonne

And despite feeling homicidal

You must remember you're having fun!

Written by Leesa Wallace

Copyright Kensington Gore Publishing 2014

Leesa Wallace's brilliant collection with Foreword and pictures by little old me is aviliable to buy on Amazon. Please help young up and coming writers as much as you can by downloading and spreading the words.

The Dead Good Poets Society

The Dead Good Poets Society is my efforts to bring a bit of culture in the world to masses. For those berating me saying I'm all shock, horror and gore; I'm here to show I have a lighter more cultured romantic side.

I also like to help up and coming writers get a start. Be it film writers, short story writers, novelists, poets.
"Pay it back", is my motto. We must encourage the young, nurture talent if you will. Give them a stage and place to shine.

I will publish poems here for up and coming poets when I can and would like to put them into a collection at some point.

I have the great pleasure of announcing I have in residence the 'Gore Poet Laureate' the fabulously talented Ms Leesa Wallace.

Leesa has a brand new collection of poems just out. I gave her quite a big hand in it. I even wrote the foreword, so get a copy if you want to enjoy more of her poems and see me "unmasked" and show my true lighter side, if you will.

If you have any poems you would like me to consider publishing on my site please feel to contact me on my e-mail.

You retain the copyright of your work but I can't pay you in any way for me publishing sorry.

Next year I'm hoping God willing, to announce full details of a poetry competition where the main prize is to be the new "Gore Poet Laureate". The plan is for the best poems from that will go into a collection I will publish as an e-book. And I hope to make that an annual thing.

So keep checking in poets and poetry lovers alike.

If you've never tried poetry give it a go, it's fun, you'll never make a ton but it's not a pain in the bum!

That dear reader is why I'll still to horror writing.

Kensington Gore


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