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This is where I unearth, actors, directors, writers, comics, models even musicians that I think will go far. You made not have heard of them now but they will be a big name in their chosen field and I'm not talking Arnold Schwarzenegger playing scarecrow Worzel Gummidge! Though I would buy a ticket for that for sure!

First person for my spotlight to fall onto is Irish actor Michael Parle, aged 49 (think that's right Michael?) played the very scary and menacing role of Dave in acclaimed and award winning Irish film "Tin Can Man."Michael stole the show in my opinion but didn't over act like some young hams tend to do these days to get attention. If anything a very subtle and real performance, that is where
true menace and terror comes from.

Michael Parle, like a lot of good acting talent lives in the underground world of movies that sadly too few see, but those that do rave about them. I think they are more the future of film making and especially horror than the CGI meaningless, soulless crap that infects our multiplex cinemas.
Michael is a hard actor to track down, he travels and works a lot. I got a cryptic message from him that he wanted to meet in the underground but I've seen American Werewolf in London and I had visions of him chasing me down an escalator dressed as a werewolf and ripping my guts out if I asked him a question he didn't like.

As I think his career needs elevating slightly I advised somewhere more suiting. I've always been a big fan of The Third man with Orson Wells as Harry Lime, so I thought why not recreate one of my favourite scenes form the Third Man, no not the chase in the sewers but the famous Ferris wheel where Orson Wells as Harry Lime delivered his famous monologue.

KG: So, Michael dear boy, we meet at last, and in a pod all to ourselves on the London Eye. By the way there is a security camera on every pod so no slipping into character and dangling me out the pod just to get a part in my next movie!
Do you like getting into character and stay in character? Or do you switch it on when the camera rolls and off when the director shouts cut?

MP: Ah yes more the on and off type dear fellow, its bloody high up here excuse me while I get on the floor and have an attack of vertigo !

KG: Pull yourself together man, your safe Kenny's here. (this for some reason made Michael panic even more - I offered him a "bit of medicinal" from me hip flask and that seemed to calm him down) I'm a bit of a legend in Horror as you know but I always wanted to make a romantic comedy, I got pigeon-holed somewhat, do you worry about being type cast as the bad, mean scary type? Or do you enjoy playing evil menacing characters?

MP: Love playing those characters the more evil insane the better but I’m very lucky that a lot of directors see me in a more Different light just finished filming The Shadows a wonderful family fantasy film directed by the hugely talented Colin Downey where I get to play the valiant mystic warrior Yorrick yes alas I knew him so well, also had the pleasure of playing a Brigadier in David Roddham’s fantastic WW1 Epic “Coward” filmed in the UK recently Plug, Plug its just depends on what people have seen you in.
I feel better now think the vertigo gone I’ll stand up what magnificent views, you can see all the council estates for miles and miles

KG: Good to hear, I'll have my flask back now thanks, cheers. You come from Ireland, would you like to be a big fish in Ireland or a slightly smaller fish somewhere else, or do you not like fishing at all?

MP: Not much of a fisherman but do love to eat them, actually dear fellow from down the road, Chelsea, London born and raised just of good Irish stock the proper term is London/Irish which makes me half eccentric & half crazy ! Think in the world of the WWW, Satellite, TV, Skype, Viber ! we all in the same pond now working with directors in Australia USA Middle East Jamaica Ireland & UK to name a few

KG: I lived and worked in LA for a while, it's great when you are on top, but it can be hard and the work and partying is pretty full on. One time at one of Errol Flynn's famous parties I actually feel asleep on Marilyn Monroe's bosoms; thought they were pillows. Ah happy days. Question is can you handle them, not bosoms, I mean the hard work and fame, partying to the wee small hours, the customary offers of drugs and sex?

MP: Well at my age dear fellow and yours as you know we have to cut down on some things for me the choices were stark, drink, drugs, sex, or rock and roll ? so I gave up playing golf !

KG: People have described the way I work with actors as somewhat bizarre but inspiring. You've heard of "method acting" I invented "method directing!" If someone is playing a drunk scene I make sure I sit and get them well and truly plastered beforehand. Oliver Reed was a natural. I would do the same with a fight scene, wrestling my actors to the ground. I once sat on Peter Cushing and refused to get off him until he told me he could "take Christopher Lee down!" in a fight scene as Dracula! Strangely in my movies they never let me shoot a sex scene... do you follow "the method" and believe in doing strange things to get the end results?

MP: I did try “the method” during sex but it didn’t work !

KG: Ah, God bless "The Rhythm Method" without which I might not be here now.You also do a bit of singing I hear, what's your type of music? You in a band? We should do a duet sometime?

MP: Ahh yes my dear boy , Actor Singer at your service & for Hire !
“If I Were A Rich Man” with the world renowned pianist & delightful chappie Sir James Gray

KG: Director James Whale inspired me. When I saw Frankenstein I wanted to be the Monster not the Doctor, think that will always be a metaphor for my life. Who inspires you? Present company excepted of course.

MP: Film inspires me anyone’s and everyone’s

KG: I picked The London Eye to meet as I said, because of the Third Man connection and also because you remind me a little of Orson Wells; don't think I can give any higher praise than that. Were you a fan of Wells and enjoy "The Third Man"? What old movies inspire you?

MP: Every old movie but have particular soft spot for the 1920’s

KG: I remember that time well, I loved the monologue that Wells allegedly wrote and crow-bared into the film at the last second in the ferries wheel:
"You know what the fellow said – in Italy, for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace – and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock"

KG: Is words more important to you than action? Which one do you look for the cuckoo clock or the terror and bloodshed?

MP: I’m terribly greedy, All !

KG: If I could give young actors one piece of advice, it would be don't take advice. Make your own mistakes only you can learn from them. Do you give acting advice and what is the best advice been given to you?

MP: Get A Real Job? The best advice I can give to young actors is . . . don’t stick your finger in the fire! and say yes constantly .

KG: Yes, I wish my wife followed that advice. What doe s the future hold for you? You looking to work more in England? Have you an agent here? Producing movies perhaps?

MP: The future is always good dear fellow, I’d love an agent in London do you know any give them my details & tell them I’m here at thier service & for hire !

KG: Well let me know if you need a Director, looks like our trip on the London Eye has gone over in the blink of one. Been a pleasure talking to you Michael, I see big things for you starting with our drinks bill we need to find a pub so you can buy me a pint or five.

MP: Let's get off this thing & take a stroll down memory lane & my old watering hole Rileys Pub in Kings Road, Chelsea and lets discuss the future with Kensington Gore & Michael Parle . . .

If you would like to find out more about Michael Parle, then you can via website:

and any good agents reading this in London, you'd be crazy not to want to represent Michael, he's a prestige's talent.

(Copyright KENSINGTON GORE 2012)

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