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Interview With Dani Thompson

Greetings dear horror fans as I write to you I'm in my holiday cottage in Norwich with my good lady. Marge and I like to get away as much as possible and usually away from each other!

I love this neck of the woods, it's "bootiful" as someone once said.
I was relaxing in the communal pool and spa area when who did I bump into in the hot tub ?None other than the stunningly beautiful and super talented Dani Thompson!

Model, horror actress, writer and film producer. Dani has built up an impressive list of credits mainly in the horror genre. Films include Zombie Women of Satan 2, Convention of the Dead, Axe to Grind, Serial Kaller, Christmas Slay, Cute Little Buggers, Banjo and Rockband Vs Vampires.The lovely Ms Thompson is a true force to be reckoned with in the indie British horror industry.

She is lovely young lady that is always bursting with enthusiasm for life and horror. She was nearly bursting out of her bikini too and I couldn't help but be captivated by her charms.

There follows a transcription of our conversation/interview.

KG: Nice to see you young lady may I say that is a fabulous bikini you are wearing. It's amazing how the less there is the better a bikini looks; Well on a lady with a fabulous figure like your good self it looks amazing. My wife, on the other hand only looks passable in a Victorian bathing suit. Those ones that go all the way up to her neck and down to the ankle. Mind you with Marge she has the most sexy cankles I've ever seen.
Do you feel comfortable and sexy in a bikini or best out of one?

DT: Well it really depends on my location and the weather bikini’s are great for the spa or the beach on a sunny day but if it’s cold you’re more likely to find me wearing a onesie!

KG: I've been known to scare the pants or panties off people. What scares your panties off?

DT: Spiders, in fact I hate all insects, in fact anything with more than four legs but mostly spiders, horrible things, I really don’t see any need for anything to have eight legs!

KG: You're not just a pretty face, you write scripts, produce and direct.What do you enjoy doing the most?

DT: Hmm I like acting best I think, that’s what I trained in but in between acting jobs I like to keep busy so if I have an idea for a script then I write. I haven’t actually directed anything yet but never say never.

KG: Do you take direction well? I'm a very hands on type of director but don't worry I always wear gloves.
Apart from my good self, who would you like to work with in the field of horror & why?

DT: Well Wes Craven has directed some of my favourite horror films, A Nightmare On Elm Street and Scream which was actually probably the movie that made me love horror in the 90’s, the slasher is my favourite genre. I was a big Buffy fan and think Joss Whedon is amazing, I also loved Angel and Cabin In The Woods, I’d love to work with him and of course Tim Burton goes without saying, actually I hear they’re making a Beetlejuice 2 . . .

KG: Who would be your dream leading man and would you do a love scene with him?

DT: Mmm Elvis but that’s unlikely to happen, I guess Johnny Depp, he’s an amazing actor but for the love scene then maybe Alexander Skarsgard, especially when he’s a vampire.

KG: On your arm you have the tattoo that says "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." You know, my wife often said if men had willies made of chocolate and ejaculated diamonds only then would they truly make a woman happy.
What makes you happy?

DT: well I don’t like chocolate so that wouldn’t work for me, I have a bit of an Elizabeth Taylor complex, I love jewellery, I’m like a magpie, I like anything that sparkles. Watching The Wizard Of OZ never fails to make me happy but the thing that makes me happiest though is my miniature Yorkshire Teriier, her name is Dolly and she’s my best friend, I just love her!

KG: You have obvious talents, in looks.
Mine is the ability to breathe through my ears.
What do you feel is your greatest talent?

DT: I’m not too sure if it’s a talent but I have a very high chilli sauce tolerance, my friend Andrew and I often compete.

KG: Do you have a party trick? Mine is to burp the William Tell overture. I've always been a classical music fan? What about you?

DT: I don’t, I need to come up with something for the next time I’m at a party!

KG: I read on your website that at the tender age of four you turned down a chance to do a commercial because you thought you'd get locked in the television. Had you been watching the movie Poltergeist at such a young age my dear?#
DT: Nooo haha, when I was little TV’s were box shaped with twiddly knobs that your turned to change channels not flat screen with remote controls and I used to sit with my Dad watching the football and see all of the wires in the back of the box and think that all the little men on the screen had been shrunk and transported through the wires and were running around inside the box!

KG: Imagine as an adult being caught in the TV, no escape, now that would be a horror. You used to do TV babe station modelling, now that must have felt like being trapped in the TV at times?
I read that the boredom between calls you used as a bit of inspiration for your film
that you co-wrote? Tell me all about that?

DT: Yes, I was sitting on the bed one day thinking about what would happen if one of the callers was actually a psycho, some of the callers were absolute weirdos so it could happen. I wrote the original script for Serial Kaller (it was since butchered by higher powers) but there is a scene still in the film where the girls are talking about the callers and they’re all true stories!

KG: You are about to work in Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas, you'll fit right in. Can you tell me about that project and any other scary films and projects do you have coming up?

DT: It’s in the early stages, it’s called The Last Revenants and is by the same producers as Axe To Grind and we’re hoping to film in June 2015.
At the moment I am trying to raise some funds for another script I wrote called Bad Moon Rising that I want to film early 2015 Feb/March so please take a look at our Indiegogo page and donate if you can.

KG: I love talking to Scream Queens, they are literally a scream. Can I just say my pretty young friend, you are the best scream I've had in ages. Can you do a blood curdling scream for my website? Consider it an audition piece, you've got big lungs. Bet you can belt out a bloody big scream?

And do you mind if I take a picture for my horror scream Queen gallery on my website. I find it helps to make it last longer?

DT: I practise my scream sometimes when I’m driving, I daren’t do it in my apartment in case my neighbours think there has been a murder!

KG: I wish you well my dear with your future projects and hope you one day you can work well under me or on top of me even.

DT: Haha

KG: Been lovely talking to you Dani, I best get out if this tub before my wrinkles get wrinkles on them and I look like a prune. You are a peach young lady and I wish you big hits and it was lovely to come across you.

To follow Dani Thompson go to her website:

Follow her on Twitter at: @DaniTOfficial

Dani Thompson IMDb page

Look out for Dani in... Bad Moon Rising

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