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Interview with K.A. Hambly


Greetings dear reader. Cuddly Kenny here.

You join me bobbing up and down somewhere in the Atlantic. I'm on a ship enjoying a meal and about to interview my talented young writing friend K.A. Hambly. Kelly, with whom I've just published another of my Twisted Tales, number five in the series, is a lovely young lady. Very talented and I see her going far.

"Slaying The Dragon" a dark tale indeed about a troubled married couple that go on a cruise from hell to see the Komodo Dragons.
I can't say too much, you'll have to read it, but there will be blood.

Me and the lovely Kelly have met up on a boat to do my interview. We are sat in the expensive looking restaurant. Mind you service seems unusually slow on this onboard restaurant. Not a soul about in fact. It seems strange some of that food has been left half eaten, they must have some very tardy bus boys.

KAH: Yes, it’s very strange Ken. It’s eerie quiet, just how I like it.

KG: Thank you for joining me my ship mate. May I say you look simply stunning in that long low cut black dress. Like a young Morticia Adams.

KAH: Thank you. Very kind of you to say so.

KG: Do you always dress for dinner? I sometimes undress, I find it saves me a fortune in dry cleaning.

KAH: Normally I would wear a dress, or an apron to protect against the splattering of blood.

KG: What do you feel comfortable writing in? For example, do you ever write in the nude? I used to until I was banned from my local library.

KAH: I’m comfortable in black, and I don’t think nude is ideal when typing by the window as I do haha.

KG: Coming from Wales this might sound a silly question but do you believe in dragons?

KAH: Absolutely. My family say they live with one. But I am not that bad honest.

KG: If you could breath fire, who, or what would you burn to a crisp and why?

KAH: All of One Direction. Because I am fed up of hearing my daughter talk about them.

KG: So, no direction. I went on a world cruise once, never again. I'd like to go somewhere different though.
Have you ever been on a world cruise? Where would you go and why?

KAH: Never been on a cruise, but if I had a chance to go on one I would definitely love to see Finland and Norway. I prefer the cold. Somehow, I don’t think I’d look right basking in the sun. Not good for my pale complexion you know.

KG: Would you not go to Indonesia to see the Komodo Dragons?

KAH: I would yes, because what I have learned about them from researching this story, they are very fascinating creatures. But, I don’t think I’d like to get too close, thanks.

KG: You wouldn't feed them?

KAH: No way.

KG: Horror and vampires in particular are featured a lot in your books. What first
attracted you to

KAH: I wouldn’t say attracted to be honest, I was very much into Vampires when I was a teen. I have seen the Lost Boys more times than I care to remember. You see, I was never the girly type, (think Wednesday Addams lol) and when I discovered all the great 80’s Goth/punk bands like the Sisters of Mercy, Fields of Nephilim, The Cramps, I felt a connection, and from that, I became interested in horror. It seemed like a natural progression. And writing horror, whether gory horror or subtle horror, you can let your imagination go wild. There are no limitations. But, I didn’t have any plans to become a writer until I wrote my dissertation on Dracula, and to this day, he remains my absolute favourite character.

KG: Interesting, I always found him a bit of a sucker! Where do you enjoy doing your writing the most?

KAH: I normally write on my PC, which is in my living room. It’s not really ideal as it’s pretty noisy with the kids but at the moment I don’t have much choice.

KG: Do you have nightmares? If so what are the scariest ones?

KAH: Rarely get nightmares, but when I do, it’s always the ghost type ones.

KG: I've seen a lot of your writing. You write great dialogue and paint great images. Have you ever thought about writing a movie script?

KAH: Thank you. That is one of my dreams. Actually, I annoy my friends on a daily basis about wanting to write a movie or have one of my stories turned into one. I think they are bored of listening to me now, but I think it’s good to have dreams, whether they are achievable or not. When I do write I see the story in my head played out as a movie first then I will try to find a way to convey what I see into words. In fact, I think the novella I am writing now would be a great candidate to be turned into a screenplay. I would like to try my hand at that one day.

KG: I agree, you have a movie makers third eye for sure. Could you see Slaying The Dragon being a short film?

KAH: Most definitely. I think you should do something about that, Ken.

KG: Well the thought of filming on a luxury cruise liner sounds like hell doesn't it?

KAH: Quite.

KG: What books or projects do you have in the pipeline?

KAH: On my PC I have about 14 works in progress. Yeah, that’s a lot, but that’s me, I have so many ideas I just got to get them down on paper or whatever before they do my head in. But at the moment I am only concentrating on one, and that’s the novella I am working on with little old you, It’s called The Town Halloween Forgot. I'm really excited about this project though because the story is fab and it's scary and a roller coaster. Oh, and I get to work with a movie leg end like you.

KG: Now, most important question my dear. are you ready to eat?
What's your favourite dish? After me that is...

KAH: Yep, I’m ravenous. Could do with some steak. But it seems we have to get our food ourselves. There is still no one else on-board. Weird.

KG: Yes, have you noticed my dear the boat seems to be just aimlessly drifting?

KAH: It is indeed.

KG: Where's the waiter?
At this point the brave Kelly went to the window.

KAH: Looks like they are tucked up for the night in the dragon’s belly, Ken.

KG: Sounds a totally whiz bang idea to me. Do you want to be on top or bottom?

KAH: Top or bottom?

KG: Bunk my dear, you don't mind a bunk up?

KAH: Kenny, behave. I believe we are on the Marie Celeste "How do we get off?"

KG Now that's a silly question. I said with a knowing wink as I picked up a half empty wine bottle.

If you get this message and read it. Do go to download Kensington Gore's Slaying The Dragon

And do send more wine to the Marie Celeste. Somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, do try to see it from my angle.

TTFN Kensington Gore

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