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Interview With Jessica ann bonner

Greetings dear reader. Kensington Gore here once more. You join me on set of Bad Moon Rising... a British indie horror that is about three pretty ladies called the Scream Team. A seemingly successful TV show that is a mix between Towie & The X Files, where the truth is out there but at times it's a bit staged; or they believe it is all staged until things go horribly wrong and get very, very scary.

It's three leading characters and stars are, Lucy, (Dani Thompson) Jordan (Jessica Ann Bonner) and Pip (Angela Holmes) go around the World investigating unusual happenings and try to discover the truth behind the strange and bizarre.
Sounds right up my cup of tea. In between shots, when she has been chased around the set semi naked, not too unlike Benny Hill in his prime, I managed to grab the lovely Jessica Ann Bonner. I'll not say exactly where I grabbed her but she's a bonnie bundle of joy and fun, with a wicked sense of humour.

KG: Jessica, may I first say thank you for letting me ask a few questions in your beautiful shell like. You look lovely in the clothes you are almost wearing by the way. Might look a bit better with a bit more gore splashed on you.

JAB: Just you wait Kenny. The more gore the better, I say.

KG: The Moon features heavily in your latest movie it's even in the title Bad Moon Rising, would you ever "Moon" a werewolf? (for the benefit of our American viewer that is exposing ones behind - or as they say ass to mock a person)

JAB: Of course I would!! I'd want to hear it howl, it'll certainly howl at this moon ;) (At this point Jess got up and lifted her short skirt and wiggled her perfect peach like butt in Kensington's face - a face that blushed red with embarrassment & excitement)

KG: That reminds me young lady, I need to pick some peaches on my way home. My wife is wanting to make a peach cobbler.

JAB: A cobbler? Doesn't he mend shoes?

KG: No, she's American. It's like a pie. I like...

JAB: Pie?

KG: Yes, sorry I drifted off for a second there. Are you afraid of anything strange or off the wall? For example monsters don't scare my wife but the suckers of an Octopus do, she's dealt with plenty of suckers in her time I can tell you. I think it's the amount!

JAB: Oh of course, I'm absolutely terrified of Jaws! Even the theme tune freaks me out!!

KG: Me too, it's amazing how a bloody great shark could play the cello underwater, what with such little fins.

JAB: Ha! You are so silly Kenny. But I like you. (Jess gave a playful push at Kensington's chest almost knocking him off his seat)

KG: And what thrills you and do you enjoy?

JAB: I just LOVE Harry Potter, I'm going to Hogwarts for real. I'm going to get my letter one day!

KG: I'd welcome you into my Griffen-Gore house any time my dear, don't have to plonk my old mucka Lesslie Phillips on your head to tell you that. You are very young and beautiful lady, you've done a lot of modelling and acting in your short years. Which do you prefer and why?

JAB: Well thank you! Clearly you haven't seen me first thing in the morning! I'm a beast! I even growl! I love them both for different reasons! It's like sex and cocktails would do both at the same time if I could and I quite often have ;-)

KG: Oh my. What, pray tell young lady, turns you on? If you don't mind me asking?

JAB: Sure lol. I'm an open book and my character Jordon is too! Men in glasses turn me on. (as this point Kensington hurriedly looked for his glasses in his glasses case - but couldn't find them as he wasn't wearing any glasses - a paradox often found by people of a certain age)

KG: Have you ever done any modelling covered in Kensington Gore?Thefake blood named after me, not me.

JAB: No, sadly not. Although I do get to run around half naked for both films I'm working on which is always great fun! (at this point Kensington spurted out his drink in shock!)

KG: You are one of three leading ladies on Full Moon Rising, do you get on well with the others? I mean three beautiful ladies on set, does it ever get bitchy, or which ones the Prima Donna?

JAB: Nahhhh! Only if they steal my food, then there wouldn't be cattiness there would be MURDER!! I love food! Dani is the diva.

KG: She seems a strong independent woman, used to getting her way?

JAB: Dani is actually a friend of mine! We've worked on a few projects together and drink cocktails to excess quite regularly! I don't know Angela as well as I know Dani, but she's lovely! A real sweetie and I'm sure I can coax her into a cocktail night!

KG: I've heard if women are together for a while and are close they even get their (whispers) "periods" - synced. Has that ever happened?

JAB: No!!!! If our periods synced, magical unicorns would appear and all things girly would happen! And we wouldn't want that! We want blood and Gore!!!

KG: Though periodically speaking that can be effected by the moon too. Can you tell me a little about the story for Full Moon Rising or would you have to kill me?

JAB: Ha! 'Periodically' I'd have to kill you.... it would be a BLOODY MESS! Ha-ha! It's about the scream team hunting for the thing that is killing off the Bulgarian locals.... and they discover it's a werewolf!

KG: They go dogging? I mean werewolfing?

JAB: When we get to work there's blood and gore everywhere. No man, nor beast is safe. It's just like our nights out.

KG: (Gulp) Feel free to invite me along too, a night with three stunners knocking back cocktails. I think I'd have died and gone to heaven. I promise you, young lady, I can hold my cocktail as well as any man half my age. What's your favourite? Do you like sex on the beach, a slow comfortable screw? And what's your favourite cocktail too?

JAB: Come along Kenny! I'm sure we'll have slippery nipples aplenty! As for cocktails... every time I go drinking with Dani we make the poor unsuspecting Bar Boy make us our very own bad moon rising, it has to be blue and has to have a cherry in it! It's our tradition!

KG: I long to savour a "Bad Moon Rising" with you both, sadly I lost my cherry too many moon's ago. But, you know what they say about plenty a good tune played on an old fiddle?

JAB: Rightly said and I do like a good fiddle! Personally I'm the sod on set, I'm jumping around and breaking into places and Angela is the good girl!

KG: I could drink, I mean talk with you for hours young lady but I think you are needed on set. Even though we were both half naked while we are doing this interview I appreciate you not staring at my "man boobs!" and my third nipple too much.

JAB: Boo! :( of course I wouldn't stare... I merely grazed my hand against your third nipple, by accident of course!!

KG: You are going to start work on a film called "Tombs". Before I let you go can you tell me about that? Or do I have to take that to the grave? See what I did there, I made a joke. I'm not just a pretty face. Well not as pretty as yours.

JAB: That was a great joke.... ahem... The Tombs is directed by horror fanatic Dan Brownlie, stars yours truly, Debbie Rochen and a horrible creature called.....Teddy Scare! Shot entirely on location at the London Tombs Scare attraction and the animatronics come to life! Naturally they start killing.

KG: Well of course it has to happen in horror. Sounds very scary, will have to review it and Bad Moon Rising when they are both in the can so to speak. Sadly all my movies are now in the can, the dust can. You've probably never seen or heard of my films they were so long ago.

JAB: Of course I have! There was that one... erm. The one with the Uhm..Mummy yeah and the giant man eating caterpillar.

KG: Thank you. The scream team sound like my kind of ladies. Do they do house clearing? I've got some old sprits I could do with getting shot of in Gore towers. Not all are in bottles, my wife drank most of them anyway, I asked her once how she held her liquor. I think she miss heard me when she said by the ears! How do you hold yours?

JAB: Ha! I'm afraid not, we would only help contribute to the empty bottles! I hold mine extremely well thank you! I only know I'm drunk when I start doing the chicken dance. It's embarrassing for everyone. Except me. I look uber cool.

KG: It's amazing how drink makes us see us the way we really are. I have to say, like Oliver Reed or George Best in their day, I have been known to take a drink or two. In my book, I don't consider myself drunk until I can lie on the floor without having to hold on.

JAB: Oh, I hate it when you're drunk and the room starts spinning around. Happened to me once when I passed out on a roulette table.

KG: Apart from me, whom, I know you love dearly, well if our bar bill is anything to go by, who would you most love to work with & why?

JAB: If I can't work with you, I don't want nobody else!! Actually.... Rupert Grint would suffice...

KG: Who?

JAB: He's Ron Weasley! Do I need a reason?!

KG: Rupert, I remember him when he was a bare I mean a bear. Oh! Harry Potter, you are a big fan? Have you slammed your luggage trolley into platform 9 & half?

JAB: I am a huge fan girl. I've slammed my trolley full of luggage a few times...

KG: Think that's a euphemism for doing it Rupert "The Bare" Grint. I have connections, I've negatives of Dumbledore with Snape.

JAB: Oh no!

KG: Do you travel light? I once said I wanted to travel light to my wife she replied I best loose a few stone first then? Would you meet Mr Grint with very little on or in your case? Maybe just a pair of fury handcuffs?

JAB: I would put Mr Grint in my case.

KG: If he sees what you want to do to him you might find it hard to get his lid down!

JAB: Ha! Naughty Kenny.

KG: I'll see if I can fix you up my dear. Thank you for a fab chat Jess, Or Jessica Ann Bonner, to give you your Sunday name...I've just realised your initials spell out Jab, well you've sure packed a punch young lady. I think you are a knock out.
(It was at this point Jessica gave a playful jab to Kensington's forearm sending him flying to the floor and she tried her best not to laugh as he started rolling around in agony)

KG: Nurse, I think I've broke my coccyx!

JAB: Oh, poor Mrs Gore. I'll get some ice.

KG: Good idea. Don't forget the champagne.

JAB: Oh Kenny! You've had enough pain!

Please take a look at Bad Moon Rising's Indiegogo page and donate what you can.

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