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Kensington Gore's Diary: Another Year Closer to Death

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Kensington Gore is Hammered Horror’s last great writer/directors he describes himself as an iconic leg end. He’s a fiery flamboyant character that some might find scary and shocking. He's old school, controversial, a little offensive and so NOT PC!

His diary, Another Year Closer To Death, offers us a privileged glimpse into his life as he struggles to get his last great horror movie off the ground. He fights to come to terms with old age and being dumped on the movie scrapheap. Most importantly of all, his attempts to keep his beloved wife Marge, a former movie siren, in the lavish lifestyle she is accustomed too.

Another Year Closer To Death is at times a touching, gritty, very funny and comedic look into the life of an old dog that refuses to be taught any new tricks and just will not lie down.

With a foreword by LA's hardest working horror actress, Maria Olsen

Maria said “Kenny’s book, Another Year Closer to Death, will appeal to everybody at some stage of their lives, perhaps while they’re waiting for a hanging jury to decide their fate, and is a stunningly funny romp of a read!”

“Reading Kensington Gore is a bit like standing naked in front of a mirror; it leaves one both amused and frightened.”
Said top horror actor Bill Oberst Jr

Kensington's grandson Wayne said “Kensington Gore's life is like a sit-com but without the laughter track.”

Kensington's granddaughter, aspiring, actress, singer, model and business woman of the year Danni said “People think Gramps is like scary but he's lovely and sweet. He always buys me things, like he said he's gonna buy me a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s just for saying something nice here. So, love you gramps, size 10 but don't tell anyone, I've got funny feet.”

Sol Weinstein, Kensington's agent for over 50 years, who has recently come out of a long coma. “Who's Kensington Gore? You might well ask, I don't remember much I was in a coma don't you know? I just know I better get my 13% percent of all profits, and what the hell is an E-book already?”

Chris Waddle: No, not the Chris Waddle - he's Kensington's local butcher and prevaour of fine meats. “Mr Gore, knows his meat.”

Marge Gore, former screen siren and Kensington's much put upon wife said “Kensington, my Kenny, he's the type of husband that makes you look forward to becoming a widow!”

“2012 was a year in my life, an eventual and memorable year. But as always for us all another year closer to death. So, read my book, a warts and all expose of me, Kensington Gore the last of the truly great iconic horror movie leg ends. WARNING! If you read this book you might very well die laughing!”

Kensington Gore.

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