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KISS OF AN ANGEL - Written by M.G. DuBois


by M.G. DuBois

Dedicated to D.M. Thanks for the inspiration Angel

I wanted to love her but I couldn’t, she said she had died so many times but never felt more alive in my arms. She breathed life into me on the first day we met. Made me realise my years without her had been empty and meaningless. Since I had been talking with her she had made me come alive. I lived for the times we could talk and communicate, grabbing any and every free second.

Lately she was aware of the control she had over me, that she was my life support drip feeding moments of pleasure and pure adrenaline my escapism from the hum drum and the boring and banal.
I started to think she was not real, no women can be so intense, so passionate, so sexual and captivating. I had to have her, I had to meet her I had to make her mine.

I met her at the railway station, though I never actually saw her arrive, she just seems to appear, is she a dream a figment of my imagination? Her smile lights up her face, her cheeky pixie like grin and lovely bell like ringing "Helllooo!"brings me to life. She must be real as when I kiss her I came alive.

Before we met I would stare at her picture and I would then close my eyes and picture her, her face, her smile, her hair how is was so perfect, her dress elegant yet sexy.
I thought if I close my eyes real tight and make a wish count to three I can summon her up before me.
She seems to be in my heart and in my head constantly, her touch is all over my body, her lips are at mine, moist and loving biting at my lip sending passion soaring inside me.

Her hands all over my body feeling my chest and making me feel like the only man in the world, the only thing in the universe that mattered. She showed such love and tenderness in her touch and her caress I knew I would die without her, she was the air that I breathed.

We walked together over the old cobbled stones of my home town. The town had seen better days in my eyes but was a fresh fairytale land for her. The sun seemed to come out, almost on her command. Every step we were taking was like stepping into the light leaving the dark blackness behind. Strangely everything behind us seemed empty dead and meaningless.
She had this power over me, like I had eyes only for her, like I could only sense her, like we were breathing in unison.
We talked but what we said I could not tell you, I nervously babbled as I do; her words of pure comforting nectar flowed over my ears like the music of an angel. Her soft sexy whisper seemed only audible to me. Her soft Yorkshire accent so soothing and warm.
My lady let out a gasp when she saw in the distance our destination the castle. Which stood proud and erect high on the hillside; overlooking the tired dirty old river, which even that seemed to glint with a new found light.
"Let me show you my home," I think I mumbled like a nervous teenager.
She always thrilled me when she said I made her feel like a teenager. She did not need to speak her eyes said it all, she trusted me totally and went along with my every step, like a shadow I'd always craved. A true part of me to complete the real me to make me feel whole.
We chased each other up the castle stairs like excited young puppies bounding two-three steps at a time, I was excited to be near her. We laughed and giggled like we did not have a care in the world. When we entertained into the light on the battlements the castle seem cloaked by darkness.
As we walked around the battlements I could feel the sexual tension between us. I wanted to kiss her and to ravish her but I was frightened it would break this love spell she seem to cast on me. The very instant we meet this Angel was in control, I was marching to the beat of her drum.
We looked over to the East and could see a huge storm was rolling in off the river. There seemed something different in the air, something special an eerie presence a dark feeling of foreboding. The sky was beginning to blacken around us, like a beacon a shaft of bright sunlight shone like a spotlight through the black clouds making her look even more bewitching and heavenly than ever silhouetted there, her blonde her flowing in the wind.
My heart skipped a beat and then started beating ten to the dozen; as we got under the battlements, out of sight, what I thought out of danger and preying eyes.
She whispered "Kiss me!" and I was lost. Lost in her mesmeric eyes; like warm inviting pools of lust. Our lips met and the fire surged through my very being. Our kisses got deeper and more passionate. Our tongues wrestled a fight of love and emotion passion that had to be kept in check for so long was now able to be released.
My hands moved over her beautiful body feeling the voluptuous hour glass figure knowing that every grain of her sand had been poured into her body to perfection. My hand touched her firm breast and her nipple hardened at my touch. I knew my desire was taking over, we broke off the embrace and looked deeper into each other's eyes, we said nothing but we didn't have to, we were one. Our mouths embraced, she bit on my bottom lip just hard enough to send me wild with passion.
A playful bite, replaced by her soft ever so gentle kisses almost teasing me with her feather like touch. She liked to be in control and knew I was at her mercy.
Our kisses got even deeper she was melting in my arms her resistance melting like an ice sculpture in front of the gateway to hell. Over my shoulder the dark cloak like cloud seemed to envelop us.
I moved her hands up against the wall above her head, then moved them down into a crucifix position. I wanted to worship all of her. Her breasts where heaving under the strain of her dress her breathing becoming more and more frantic with the excitement. My lips moved down to her throat and the touch drove her wild and then I had her where I wanted her, she was mine, it was time to release The Beast. My teeth bit deep, I drew blood, my teeth protruded deep into her skin.
The Angel of love had yet another victim. She was now forever mine. I had chosen my bride and in this moment she felt more alive then she'd ever had in her entire life our love would now last and live forever. Nothing would ever tear us apart, we were forever one.


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