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I love making lists. I would even make lists of lists. It's the compulsive side of me. Here are a few of my favourite or even least favourite lists!

Things I like...

Black pudding

• The lights going down in a crowded cinema.
• Screams in the night.
• Things that go bump in the night.
• The smell of fake blood in the morning.
• Actors pushing their art to breaking point.
• The love of a beautiful women.
• The sound of my wife Marge laughing.
• Smile on a child's face after I've just broken wind.
• The scratch of nails across a blackboard.
• Black pudding or Blood sausage as some call it.



• Tax Returns.
• The sound of my wife Marge opening her purse.
• Naked Karaoke.
• Dentists with a "sense of humour".
• Over acting or actors "dialling it in"!
• Turkey Twizzlers
• An octopuses suckers.
• Keith Chegwin naked.
• Simon Cowell's trouser line.


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