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Luna - by Leesa Wallace & Graeme Parker is a love story of epic proportions that brings the moon and sun into focus and releases the animal desire and lust within us all.

Luna, is a young, beautiful but mysterious woman who is being held captive and tortured with scientific tests to reveal her powers and secrets.

She finds love in this most unlikely of places with Sol, the son of her captor. Sol is the only light of her life.

This story with it's perfect blend of fantasy and horror, proves to be a very dark love story that shows Kensington Gore's twisted tales are going from strength to strength.

Contains adult sexual themes.

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Kensington Gore's Twisted Tales Volume 4 - Luna

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“Some people are controlled by desire, some by love. Some have no control at all. They are more like animals than they would ever like to admit. This is a love story about the beast that hides within us all.”

Kensington Gore

The fierce storm blew across a wild moonlit sky. The animals of the woods frantically searched for shelter. They could sense that this was more than just a normal storm approaching.
In the undergrowth the bushes rustled and there was a thunderous running sound. A large wolf chased its prey out of the woods into a deserted clearing.
The jack rabbit that the wolf had in its hungry sights was doing his best to escape.

Fresh, virginal snow from the ground flew up into the air as the wolf's large paws pounded faster and faster after the rabbit. The poor frightened jack rabbit was running for his life, his heart was pounding into his chest, which was about to burst with exhaustion.

The muscles of the wolf strained as it moved its massive bulk from side to side. Its muscles straining to hunt down its much smaller, but more agile prey.

The rabbit was confronted by a large security fence where a battered sign read ‘Gore High Security Testing Laboratories. All trespassers will be shot on sight.’ It seemed the rabbit had nowhere to run.

The wolf had its prey cornered and the rabbit frantically dodged from side to side, then started running parallel down the fence. Just as the rabbit thought it could not run one more step, it eyed a hole under the fence and bolted through it.

The wolf was unable to stop its forward motion and it crashed heavily into the fence. It gave a huge yelp of pain as the electrified fence shot it high into the air.

The wolf lay whimpering and twitching. It tried to get up as it sensed a jeep approaching and recognised the smell of man, but it was paralysed. Then, the change came...

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Kensington Gore's Twisted Tales Volume 4 - Luna

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Copyright Wallace Parker Publications & Kensington Gore 2013


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