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Mrs Skull reviews The Nanny

"Evening ladies & gents! Firstly I'd like to thank Mr Gore for giving me the day off on Saturday to go to see Betty Blue Eyes at the Novello Theatre. Very kind of him. Though he was wittering on about something like if I'm having it off he'll be having it off!

It's been a while since I've had the pleasure to see any musical theatre (The last being' Shockheaded Peter with The Tiger Lillies ten years ago) as I'm far too busy cleaning up after Kensington. Always a boil wash, as blood is hell to shift!
Betty Blue Eyes was a fabulous show - and it's very sad to see it closing later this week. (so tough tit you've missed it) I thought it would be one of these that runs forever! It's a musical adaption of the film starring Michael Palin 'A Private Function'. Set in post-war Britain it tells the story of Gilbert Chilvers & his wife's desire for recognition - and, er, selling a pig......
Myself & Mr Skull were sat in the very Centre of the front row. It was a great place to be, esp. as Mr Skull have a perfect view of all the actress gusset as they whirled past. The standing ovation at the end was equally awkward as myself and my husband virtually had our faces in the leading man and the leading ladies crotch! Since it was Sarah Lancashire, she of Coronation Street fame and Reece Shearsmith, of the League Of Gentlemen neither of us had room for compliant!

I was a bit thrilled, actually left a damp patch on my theatre seat at his performance, to get my programme signed by Reece Shearsmith; I thought I was in there but I think the smell of stale blood on my best dress put him off a bit.

So, here I am in the wee small hours writing this in bed, Laptop on the back of my exhausted but happy, spent body of my husband. Let's just say Reece Shearsmith pumps up my tires; Mr Skull gets to ride the bike and believe he rings my bell more times than not!

Anyway, on to this bloody film review. This time I tackled the Hammer Horror film The Nanny - Adapted from the novel of the same name by Evelyn Piper.

The Nanny, herself is played by the amazing Bette Davis and can only be described as Mary Poppins from hell really.

Basic synopsis is: Upper middle class family in swinging sixties lose a daughter when she accidently drowns in the bath tub. Their son, Joey, is blamed for the incident and sent away to an institution. Though still having some behaviour problems 9The lad does a fine practical joke!) he is released back into the family...... chaos ensues!

It comes as no surprise with it being a 'Hammer' that the music is used to its full potential in producing a rich atmosphere. The lighting of the film is also superb - particularly the scene where Bette Davis enters the boys bedroom - the lightening is inspired!

This film tackles the unusual theme of a dysfunctional family, but actually, a quite posh family - not one on the bread line. A distracted and annoyed Father, and emotionally fragile Mother, the 'perfect' Nanny. and a young boy who is wiser beyond his years.
It's fascinating to watch the role reversal of parent & child - Joey, since being sent away is sooooo independent that Nanny would be redundant if it wasn't for the Mothers childlike dependency on her.

The quality of acting, especially from the children is awesome - Joey's 'girlfriend' trying so hard to be a grownup - breaking away the bonds that hold her as a young girl - also a stunning looking young actress. Joey's father Bill Fane (James Villiers) had aspects of "Harry Enfield Mr Chumley-Warner" - such a clipped accent and very much 'a stiff upper lip' attitude.

This film, as with many horror film, has an aspect which raises a smile. The scene of a boy sat on his bed fashioning a noose whilst listening to 'Austin Powers' like music made my chuckle.

This film does keep you guessing, and pulls no punches when it reveals all. This was made in 1965, and it still has the power to inspire discomfort - esp. since I have little bleeders (I mean children) myself. It also delivers a full explanation as to the whys and wherefores of the story - which i find quite unusual, but very gratifying!

My love for this film came as a bit of a surprise & I think it is a film which should be seen - certainly by any TRUE horror fan. No blood, no guts, but a very, very dark soul. It has to be a 9 on the scale of impressiveness!

Sleep well my little creepies! Mwah! X"

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Bette D The Nanny

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