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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I'm proud to introduce you to Mrs Skull.

She's my home help, not that she's much help, more a hindrance. Some might say she's the cleaning lady from hell. Nothing much about her is clean; from her mind to her mouth which is more potty than a kindergarten loo. She's taught even me a few swear words. She's rough, she's tough, sexy but you'd never want to see her in the buff.

To say she's opinionated is like saying the Pope "might" be Catholic!
She's got more mouth than the Thames.
To appease her I have decided to let her do some film reviews on here and maybe a blog. I warn you now, she's as common as muck and couldn't give a fu-fudge!

She doesn't mind blood, menstruates for fun, and she knows how to handle Gore, me and the blood and guts both get a mop in the mouth!

Leave her some feedback and say hi to her and follow her on Twitter @mrsskull to be honest keeps her out of my hair and keeps her out of my booze cabinet.

INSIDIOUS: 'Keep a steady stride - into the further you go'

And into the further you will go, kicking & screaming with "Insidious" the new offering from 'Saw' director James Wan. If Mr Wan made this movie to prove to us all there was more to him than 'splatter' he has certainly succeeded!

As spoilers are a pet hate of mine (always tell me Mr Gore not to show me his ending), the simple synopsis of this movie is as follows, a young family move into a new house where their eldest son, Dalton, is struck down by a mysterious sleeping sickness. Doctors can find no answer to this mysterious ailment & around the family 'dream' home strange events begin to unfold. What transpires challenges the family's beliefs in the paranormal as well as the power of the mind.

Both the male and female lead can carry powerful storylines, Rose Bryne (28 Weeks Later) & Patrick Wilson (Hard Candy), and with backing from such actors as Barbara Hershey (Beaches) & Lin Shayne(There's Something About Mary), we can be sure we're in the hands of familiar faces!

My initial reaction ( as well as my husband's coincidentally) was that I'd be transported back 30 years to Hammer Horror at its best! The opening titles & music appearing quite vintage, but brilliantly done. Black and white, at what first glance appear to be photos, but on closer examination 'living pictures' - look closely as there are strange shadows and moving objects galore.

This film is a genuine 'Spine Tingler' - and James Wan has resourced every scary thing imaginable - from freaky children's toys, talking baby monitors, and 'bad guys' that could have walked straight out of David Lynch's bizarre 'Blue Velvet'. I guarantee you will NEVER listen to 'Tip Toe through the Tulips' again without thinking of this movie - and you WILL find yourself whistling it the next day!
Certain elements of the film's storyline reminded me of the classic 'Poltergeist', and also the return to roots of Sam Raimi with 'Drag Me To Hell'.

Wan successfully combines humour and horror - some scenes and characters being so amusing you do indeed want to laugh, but you are not sure if you should! A certain character reminded me of a gothic Ian McShane, his colleagues being a severely mutated Wolverine and Darth Maul! The scene were you first here 'Tulips' could have easily come from British Comedy/horror "Psychoville". You add to this a pair of 'Ghost Buster' characters, who quite frankly steal the show -they should have their own movie!

I didn't have high hopes for this movie when Mr Gore asked me to review it, I may as well be honest. 'Saw' not being my favourite collection of horror movies. "League of Gentlemen" actor writer and horror aficionado Mark Gatiss commented in his 'History of Horror' that as you get older, you are drawn away from 'gore' and more towards 'ghosts' - the unseen. I agree 100%, If I'd seen 'Saw' as 14 I think I may have had an orgasm on the spot - but as a 34 year old, it leaves me rather flat. 'Insidious' on the other hand let me on a 'horror high'. James Wan has proved he is a versatile director in being able to deliver both! He also has a wonderfully camp sense of humour to boot!

I hold my hands up and admit that I read a full synopsis before the viewing, I'm a busy women after all - so I knew what was coming. I was dreading the ending, as I didn't feel it would be to my taste. When the end came, however, I felt disappointment that there was no more & also satisfaction that the film could not rightly have possibly ended any other way - the perfect finish.
If I had to mark the movie out of Mr Gore's buckets of blood I would easily give it an 8 of 10. I genuinely look forward to seeing what James Wan has up his sleeve next!

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"Gore's Geek Alert!"
Keep your eyes peeled for the little chalk picture of "Jigsaw" on the Blackboard behind Patrick Wilson in his class room.

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