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The Graveyard by Kensington Gore


This micro short story was written live on Twitter by Kensington Gore.

The first of my Twitter 'Spooky Bedtime Stories' this one went out on Saturday the 31st of August 2013.
I've tidied it up a little but kept it roughly as it was tweeted.

Look out for it maybe being fleshed out and added to a Kensington Gore Twisted Tale - you might have to hunt to find it though, maybe do some digging...

THE GRAVEYARD by Kensington Gore

Before I go to bed, who wants to hear a quick scary story?

Okay, this is off the top of my head. If it's good then it's my copyright. If it 's crap, then let's just say Jeffery Archer or Stephen King possessed me.

It was midnight and the graveyard was deathly quiet, as they normally are. The couple walked very slowly, hand in hand. Above them an owl gave a hoot. The bird spun it's head and looked down at the lifelong lovers Brad and Eve. The evening mist lay like a heavy blanket across the graves.

The couple shuffled on slowly. They had walked together so many years that they almost walked as one. Behind them a twig snapped and they knew. They were not alone. Brad squeezed Eve's hand in anticipation.
They looked at each other and knew someone or something was following them.

Above them, the night sky showed a full moon's light as it broke through the clouds' cover. "Stop!"A man's voice commanded. They shuffled their feet faster.

"You two stop." The man shouted again. They only stopped when they heard the click of the man's shotgun being cocked.

"Haven't you two heard about all the murders in this graveyard? You're stomping all over a crime scene."
The owl gave another timely hoot...

The man swung round his gun in fear and nearly let off a shot at the hooting owl. Brad and Eve began slowly walking away from the security guard.

The guard gathered his thoughts and chased after them. HE tapped Brad on the shoulder with the barrel of his shotgun. "You guys deaf or something?"

"Are you two lovers not worried about your safety?" As one Brad and Eve turned. Brad grabbed the man's gun and arm while Eve grabbed his free arm. As they pulled as one they ripped his arms from his body like they were pulling on a wishbone. Their dead zombie faces snarled as they did so.

The man stood there armless, blood spurting from his wounds. A total look of fear in his eyes as the dead couple began whacking him to death with his own severed arms. His body fell into an open grave. Brad and Eve looked at the man's crumpled body. They looked into each other's eyes gave a deathly smile and turned and began to walk away.

Some soil fell into the grave upon the dead dismembered man. Brad and Eve continued their slow march to the far side of the graveyard, where they stopped at two gravestones that stood side by side. Gravestones that belonged to Brad and Eve Jones. The couple stopped, looked lovingly at each other and then embraced. Their cold dead lips joined in an everlasting kiss as they stepped back into their resting place.

So dear reader if you are ever walking through a graveyard late at night, be careful of the dead lovers that walk there through the night, each and every night.

Sweat screams Ā©Kensington Gore x

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