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To Jennifer review 2013

Director: James Cullen Bressack

Producer and writer: James Cullen Bressack

Cast: Chuck Pappas, Jody Barton, Jessica Cameron and James Cullen Bressack


Joey suspects his girlfriend of two years Jennifer is cheating on him; he is so convinced that he enlists the help of his cousin Steven to create a video diary of his attempt to catch her in the act as well as to document the heartbreak she is putting him through. In an attempt to make her feel guilty he intends to give the tape to her.

Holly's Review:

This film was shot completely on the I-phone 5 (which is pretty impressive considering what Uncle Kenny shoots on his - so NOT steady cam). When the movie starts we meet Joey (Pappas) a man completely in turmoil over thinking his beloved Jennifer is cheating. He seems to be smiling through it so you instantly feel for him even before you know if she has or hasn’t (Yes even your dearest Holly has a heart there somewhere).The next character we meet is Steven (Bressack) and we see a few comedy moments as they seem to play off each other well. In fact most of the film feels like you are watching something your mates have filmed of their escapades and have put up on instagram for all to see, yet for this film it seems to work well.

So here we have Joey and his cousin Steve about to embark on their trip to get to Jennifer’s house, unfortunately trying to get there by plane doesn’t work out so well when Joey, thinking the plane will go down, freaks out more than a crazed teenage girl at a One Direction concert and gets them on the no fly list. He ends up at the hospital for the panic attack and they have to find a new way to get to Jennifer’s
So what do Joey ‘Bin Laden’ (those that watch the film will get it) and Steven do? They call their friend Martin (Barton)
Martin brings a car and off they go again on their adventures, and boy do they have some. From partying at one house to meeting 2 escorts at a motel, (one of them being a transvestite that even Uncle Kenny wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley)

The film gets to a point where you start questioning things in your mind. Who the hell is this Jennifer? Will we see her? And why are our suspicions raised when Joey talks to his mom by Skype (Played by the great and "Awesome" Maria Olsen) and we find out even she hasn’t met her yet.

When they reach the motel point in the film it starts to take a very dark twist and isn’t humorous anymore and once again Joey has a meltdown (Sanity was SO last year) and you start to think he is as nutty as a pile of squirrel poo. However with suspicions fully raised you have to see the film to the end (I challenge you to try not to)

So do we get to see Jennifer? Yes we do! (Played by the gore-geous Cameron) but by then you are asking “Seriously Joey what the hell?”
Will I tell you anymore about the film? NO you have to watch this for yourself, the end is perfection and it makes the film a psychotic delicious horror/Drama that gore readers will love.
The casting is well done and each character compliments the next. Not a lot of actors are in it but there didn’t need to be.

Holly/Gore tip: Stay and listen to the song as the end credits roll between Joey and Jennifer, it is sickeningly brilliant

I am going to give this a Gore rating of 4, no blood as such, but for taking my already dark mind on a pleasure trip it was well worth the watch.

Altogether now…. Jennifer you’re my girl, come on out!

Until next time you lovely gore fans… sweet nightmares

Holly x

Dolly Gore-Deadly LOGO MASTER

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