• Another bloody week in Gore

    What happened this week?

    Sure something happened on Monday just gone?

    I'm pulling your leg dear viewer, of course Monday gone I painted my garden shed.

    No, not that... That's right bloody Royal baby was born.

    Old Georgie boy, though I think everyone secretly wanted it to be a girl that would have been third in line for the throne.

    I doubt I'll ever see that in my life time now, a woman born into being the next monarch in line.

    Mind the way bloody medical science and life expectancy is going if George had been a girl there is a good chance as an old woman she'd have been over looked as the monarch and skipped her to her son say.

    So no change. Women over looked for the best jobs yet again.

    Am I right girls?

    Right on sisters, deep down I'm a bit of a feminist you know? I believe in the woman's movement, I hate it when they just lie there.

    I also burnt my man-bra years ago! What a fire that was, I can tell you, Marge was beside herself when eight hunky firemen showed up on an appliance with their hoses at the ready.

    Anyway it wasn't a girl destined to be Queen but a boy. A boy they all cried. In every news bulletin and newspaper - so much so I'm sure we all got sick to the back teeth pretty dam sharpish.

    Kate and Wills are fine, though what exactly he did is news to me. He's changed a nappy. Good, about time he got ones hands dirty.

    The name George was no great shock. But the fact they hope to have another three boys John, Paul and Ringo might be to some!

    The baby weighed eight pounds six ounces but most of that was silver spoon.

    It kind of dominated the news and my week too.

    Oh, one thing happened this week that did effect me. Hit me quite hard you could say. The government want to block pornography on the Internet. This came as a shock to me. Is there anything else on the bloody Internet?

    Having a porn filter is all well and good but who is going to empty it?!

    What else has been going on or in the news? It's been another great week for British sport with British cyclist Chris Froome winning the Tour De France last Sunday.

    It's just like busses isn't it? Last year we waited 99 years for a Brit to win the most famous bicycle race of all in Sir Bradley Wiggins and then we get another one the very next year. Just like bloody London buses. Even if this one was rerouted from Kenya.

    On a semi serious note, dirty minded childlike people out there will be saying - "He said semi!" I think this great British summer of sport is the true Olympic legacy from last year. Andy Murray winning Wimbledon. England's cricketers doing so well in the Ashes, British Lions on tour, even Lewis Hamilton winning the Hungarian Grand Prix today.

    We as a nation that has discovered it's okay to win. Being a nation of winners is in fact a very good thing. Let's keep it up, pity about our football team but you never know maybe one day. I can dream an English hand will one day lift the football World Cup; mind you might have to be a woman's hand.

    It doesn't seem like a year ago that the Olympics got under way does it?

    It brings back happy memories for me. You might want to read about them in my bestselling novel Kensington Gore's Diary - Another Year Closer to Death - http://amzn.to/16qmFH4

    (available on Amazon & all bad book shops) - see how I well slid that one in?

    I'm like Mo Farah sliding into the bloody 'Mobot.'

    Marge and I were meant to go back to the Olympic stadium this weekend but sadly I had a bit of a fall and badly sprained my ankle. Which is ironic as Marge did a similar thing near the time of the closing stages of the Olympics last year.

    Thanks for all your words of support and get well wishes by the way. To quash any cruel rumours it wasn't in attempting sex! My birthday is in February and birthday "treat" is ages away yet.

    Best dash, well hobble dear viewer. Marge says she fancies a hot sexy Indian tonight. If I put a turban on and call myself Bunged It-in, I might get lucky and keep her satisfied for a minute or two.

    Keep laughing and screaming. Do leave some bloody feedback and let me know if you like this rambling on nonsense etc.

    Keep a bit of Gore in your heart.

    TTFN, Kenny x


    • 1. Jul 28 2013 4:37PM by kensingtongore

      Is this bloody thing up?

    • 2. Jul 28 2013 4:44PM by tina

      You sir are one amazing guy I love reading your stuff :)

    • 3. Jul 28 2013 6:26PM by niteinggail

      I believe you are right about what would have happened if George had been Georgiana.

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