• Have the Globes to award horror!

    I’m thinking on the lighter things of life today - and you can't get much lighter than the movie and entertainment world. I was glad to see the Brits did very well in the recent Golden Globe awards in the USA.

    A big well done to Stephen Hawking for his performance in that movie about his younger, romantic days.

    I'm sure he'll do very well when the Oscar time comes around. Sorry, not Stephen Hawking. The actor that played the role of Steven... what was his name again?

    Anyway, its award season in the movie and TV world once again and I bet you every penny I have that there still won't be any big horror films winning anything. I'll go further than that, I promise to bare my naked arse in the shop window of Harrods if I get the lifetime achievement Oscar that I so richly deserve.

    Not that I am better than others in any way or form, but what about the great horror directors, actors and writers that are out there each and every year? Awards come around and they are ignored time and time again. That makes me feel sick. For a genre that brings millions to the film industry as a whole, we are treating them like inbred second cousins twice-removed that Hollywood and the upper-crust movie snobs refuse to talk about.

    So, I'm expressing my freedom of speech and sending out a plea to my learned colleges in the Academy - Give horror a chance.

    Maybe they think real life is scary enough in itself. Then why not nominate a comedy film for a bit of bloody escapism?

    Maybe I'll turn up at the Oscars this year as the prophet Muhammad Ali to add a bit of horror and humour to the event.

    Watch this space...

    Kensington Gore


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