• Life and Death

    They say death and taxes is the one thing that is certain in life. I have had to deal with death in my life way too much of late. The loss of a loved one makes you think of life and value living and love the memory of that person even more. Tell a loved one when they are here how much you love them for you never quite know when they might be taken from you. But always live your life and embrace life to the fullest.

    Life sadly is too short, if we could live forever would we seriously live our lives differently? I don't think so. We as human beings get stuck in a rut and the day to day far too often. Sometimes you need to step back and value the important things in life.

    Health, happiness, and the love of a loved one.

    My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones and are nursing them at the moment and trying to make their life as comfortable as they can.

    So celebrate the memories of loved ones, keep their spirit alive and live your life to the fullest. Follow your dreams, be happy know and rejoyce in that you lived every day to the best of your abilities. Don't take any shit form anyone and every day try to evolve and be a better person. Help your fellow man, don't be selfish think of others and look at death as part of life. Don't ever fear it, but never ever fear living.

    Thank you. TTFN


    • 1. May 10 2013 6:35AM by Mel Roxburgh

      Every word is true! We carry on in the humding of our boring day to day lives always wishing we had been somewhere or done something differently. Once in a while we should make the time to do something out of the ordinary, whether it is to help someone, do something selfless, or do that stupid thing we have always wanted to do but either never had the balls to do, or the time to do it. Life is to short so we should have that one special day every month to do something. Selfless - go shopping for an elderly neighbour or pop for a cup of tea to brighten their day up, my neighbour has no family left so we always make a point of visiting her for a chat etc. She sits and tells Rhys stories which makes me smile as I remember whn I was his age sitting in my grandads house hanging on his every word, give a little love & the love picks you up again. I always do my bit to raise money for cancer charities especially my local hospice as I lost 3 grandparents to cancer & my mum is still living with a tumour. Always be glad you are healthy & do something for the less lucky that we can make a difference & fight for the cure. Live life to the fullest!

      Love & hugs Mel xx

    • 2. May 12 2013 11:46AM by Kate Smedley

      What you say is so true, too many people think it will 'never happen to them' and get such a shock when it does, then the scales come off their eyes. Thought provoking and so true post.

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